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GREENE -- Rita Joyce Santiago Greene TO KNOW HER WAS TO LOVE HER Rita Joyce Santiago Greene 1957-2005 The Hunter Greene and Juan Santiago families wish to convey their heartfelt gratitude to all family, friends, neighbors, relatives, clients and other folks who expressed their love, respect and support to our precious Rita in her heroic fight for life. Gifts of stuffed animals, flowers, plants, cards, letters, poems, rosaries, saltwater taffy (Rita's favorite straight from Fishermen's Wharf delivered by baby brother, Matthew, in person) home grown fruits and veggies from cousin and neighbor, Ceci Navarette; and healthy recipes, were all read, prepared, and appreciated by Rita and her family. A special thanks, to Father Ramon Aragon, a friend from "back in the day"; who tended to Rita's spiritual needs while she lived; his uplifting words of comfort at her funeral will never be forgotten. Thank you! To Father McGowan, an old friend, who con-celebrated at Rita's mass and blessed us at the rosary. Thank you! To a good friend and neighbor, Deacon Ken Sinatra, who, on a daily basis, administrated the Holy Sacrament of Communion to Rita and anyone else lucky enough to be there at that time. A special thanks to the medical and professional staff of Lovelace Medical Center; Dr. Mcaneny of New Mexico Oncology & Hematology Consultants; M.D. Anderson (Houston); New Hope Clinic(Phoenix); Instituto de Investigaciones Biomedicas (Tijuana); New Mexico Cancer Center; Cancer Services of New Mexico (Glorietta, NM) and finally Vista Care Hospice (St. Joseph Hospital ) who gave Rita such tender, loving care. To the extended Santiago families: The Santiago Familia, the Maezs, Serdas, Navarettes, Mineros, Rodriguez' and Padilla's for their prayers, full support and participation at the Rita Santiago Spaghetti and Bach Concert fund raisers. Thank you! To Michael Padilla, loved and respected brother-in-law, the go-to guy, who, together with his brother, Marty, planned and orchestrated the Spaghetti fund raiser and Rita's Life Celebration Reception after the Mass. To cousin Jose Santiago, member of the Mariachi Tenampa for the beautiful and inspirational music played at the Mariachi Mass honoring Rita. Thank you! To Ceci and husband, Ron Beauchamp, the Bill Hansen Family, St. Luke Lutheran Church Congregation and Pastors Beth Purdum and Chuck Exley for the wonderful J.S. Bach concert in honor of Bill Hanson, and for Rita's benefit. To sweet Anne Marie Santiago, Rita's personal little "Nightingale" who so tenderly administered the Mexican Revolution to her loving cousin. Thank you!! Sixto Santiago, uncle, mentor, business advisor, and just plain wonderful guy who has always been there for the family and especially for Rita. To Rita's lawyers, Michelle Hernandez, Lorena Olmos de Madalena, and dear friend, Luella Rubio, who assured Rita that the shop and her family were taken care of so that Rita could concentrate on healing, knowing that her affairs were in order and the legal work was complete. To Rita's dearest friends from kindergarten days, Lydia, Maria, Terri, Marlene, Nancy, Regina, Annabel, Dora, Judy, Patsy, Velma, Marissa, Paula, knowing they couldn't see their dear friend in person, parked a white van near Rita's bedroom window, lit candles and prayed for her recovery. They contacted friends and relatives from distant places to join in offering up prayers for Rita's Glow at 12:00 pm every Wednesday. Many of these people had never met Rita, but learned about her through these friends. To those people who never met Rita but by word of mouth and still offered up prayers on her behalf, thank you. To Rita's clients who called "the Look" checked in with Jackie and stuck wonderful LOVE notes on Rita's mirror shouting out words of hope and encouragement. Thank you. Thank you to Rita's Honor Guard, faithful and wonderful brothers-in-law, who "moved her for the last time"; Trevor Wilson; Robert Ortega (the chief) Michael Padilla; Dr. Joe Valles; Bob Ortega; Michael Gurule, and Stacey Blakemore. Thank you to Steve Nakamura, friend, and fellow combatant, for passing on the information from Blaire Larson, Director of Cancer Services of New Mexico, that they received over $3,000 so far in Rita's name which is the biggest donation they have received ever in the name of a cancer victim. Go Rita!!! To the Salazar Mortuary, especially Kevin, Luis and Lester Salazar for graciously but with heavy hearts carried out their duties, while escorting our dear Rita to her final resting place. To the Albuquerque City Police Brigade who escorted us all safely to the cemetery. To those who anonymously brought food and beverages to our homes and to the Church, GOD KNOWS WHO YOU ARE, We thank you. And to those friends and relatives who traveled far and wide from their homes to be with us and comfort us during our time of grief, we thank you. To quote Eric and Jessica Baca, special friends and favorite customers: "THE WHOLE WORLD LOVED RITA" WE THANK YOU.....
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