Obituary for D'amico

Published in the Albuquerque Journal on Tuesday May 06, 2003

Crescesti umile e se un giorno gigante diventerai, Andrai a respirare la glora, Non obliare la terra tua che ti fe gigante.Oscar D'Amico was born in Castelfrentano Italy on February 22, 1923 and died Saturday, May 3, 2003 in Albuquerque. He went to Architectural school in Naples and then taught as a professor of Art History and design in Bova Marina, Calabria. He changed his focus to working with the motion picture industry in Europe. He became a set designer and artistic director in Italian films from 1952-1964 that included two films with Orson Wells among others. His lifelong interest in painting and drawing lead him to leave behind this accomplished film career to pursue fine arts in New York. To this day Oskar D'Amico has been one of the most prolific 20th Century artists of his time generating art in various styles as his work and talent developed. Paintings that exist all over the world are a testament to a hectic schedule of exhibitions, one-man shows, and Museum collections. His clean geometric modern constructivism was his signature accomplishment in the early 1970's. Later as his style matured he merged his ideology with MADI, a likeminded group of European artists founded by Arden Quinn. MADI involved abstract art focusing on breaking the traditional 2-D frame as art boundary with three-dimensional geometric designs incorporated into painting. Yet for those who knew him, his attraction was his magnanimous personality, which touched everyone who came in contact with him, and his way of living life to the fullest. He leaves behind his wife, Simone D'Amico of Albuquerque; one son, Pier Nicola D'Amico of Philadelphia, PA; two step-children, Dominique Aló of Albuquerque and Patrick Aló of Rome, Italy; nephew, Mauro D'Amico of Los Angeles, CA; niece, Patricia D'Amico of Philadelphia, PA; brothers, Bruno D'Amico and Frank D'Amico; and sisters, Maria Bruford and Giuseppina Campitelli, all of Toronto, Canada. Memorial Services will be held Tuesday, May 6, 2003, at 1:00 p.m., at French Mortuary, Wyoming Blvd. Chapel. French Mortuary 7121 Wyoming Blvd. NE 823-9400