Obituary for Abreu

Published in the Albuquerque Journal on Thursday October 07, 1999

CONCEPCION ABREU October 7, 1997Nana On this day, two years ago, God decided to break our hearts and take you to live with Him. October 7th, a day that never leaves our thoughts. Nana, how I dream of how it would be to see your face, to feel your hands, to hear your voice. Nana, you are our soul and inspiration. You taught us how to Love, Laugh and to Cry, but you never taught us how to live without you. They say as time goes by the hurt fades and the tears stop, but yet two years have gone by, and our hearts are still broken, and tears are still falling, but we believe in Angels, and they come down from somewhere up above and they comfort us in our darkest hour. They show us how to go on living and teach us how to give, and guide us with the light of Love. Knowing we can't see you, we know you are there sitting right next to us, holding our hands. So until we see each other again.Siempre en mi mente Siempre en el cielo We Love and Miss you Dearly Your granddaughter, Concepcion