Obituary for Privette

Published in the Albuquerque Journal on Friday September 15, 2000

Reverend Margaret Privette, 73, died early morning on September 13, 2000. Born in Colorado, moved to California, then finally resided in Albuquerque for the past 34 years. She dedicated most of her life to the Universal Church of the Holy Spirit. Her daughter, Dianne Privette; grandchildren, Cheri Hines and Toshi Bowling, all of Las Vegas; her brother, Reverend Paul Leake of Albuquerque; brothers, Pat and Chuck Leake, and her niece, Lori Box of Albuquerque survive her. Margaret was a woman who never gave in and never ceased to learn. She constantly kept herself busy doing volunteer works and still had time to make her accessible to people all over the world. She was a teacher in metaphysics, a psychic, a writer, a minister, and most of all, the most loving person whom ever lived. She was a living saint. Margaret possessed a high spirit, so profound a soul, and such treasures of metaphysical knowledge that she has definitely made her mark not only in this world, but will also do so in her New World to come. In Margaret's work and workshops, she always left people with an improved sense of self and a great enthusiasm for life. Her words of wisdom and healing were able to save many lives. When in her presence, she emitted an overwhelming aura that captured people's heart and soul. Never again, will there be another woman to replicate the doings of Margaret as a friend, mother or grandmother. We will miss her great sense of humor, her deep belly laugh, the twinkle in her eyes, and her dedication to her friendships and family. The Funeral Services will take place at the Universal Church of the Holy Spirit on Saturday, September 16, 2000 at 10:00 a.m. 509 Cardenas Dr SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108