Obituary for Landon

Published in the Albuquerque Journal on Saturday November 23, 2002

John P Landon Sr. February 23, 1953 - November 23, 1997When I need to feel you near me, I come to this quiet place. With the silver light of countless stars Falling on my face. Though they all shine so brightly, It comforts me to know That the ones that shine the brightest, Died an eternity ago.I'm learning how to live without you, And I never thought I could. And even how to smile again. I never thought I would. And I cherish your heart's memories, Cause they bring you back to life. Some caress me gently, And some cut me like a knife.And your soul be out there somewhere Beyond the infinity of time. I guess you found some answers now, I'll have to wait for mine. When my light joins with yours one day, We'll shine through time and space. And one day fall all the distant age Upon some stranger's face.But your light still shines, It's one small star to guide me, And it helps me to hold back the dark. Your light's still shining in my heart.I miss you so much, Judy