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Published in the Albuquerque Journal on Wednesday May 28, 2014

MAESE, TONY Tony Maese packed a lot in his 51 years: four children, a big loving family, an endless array of passions and a huge network of friends. He died on May 24, having rarely missed an opportunity to laugh. Our lives are no doubt quieter without him, but he leaves our hearts full. Tony approached everything he did with boundless enthusiasm, summoning the same intensity to map a heart's electrical circuits at work as he did helping rewire a buddy's house on the weekend. Born July 23, 1962 in Bellflower, Calif., he lived all but the first year of his life in Albuquerque. Tony attended classes at Del Norte High School (occasionally) before he started a family with a beautiful blonde he met at Bonzana restaurant, Cindy Maese. The couple raised four children as Tony worked his way through a winding career path, baking bread, sweeping parking lots, doing maintenance work, before he entered the medical field. After attending Pima Medial Institute, Tony worked in nearly every hospital in town, doing everything from X-rays to cardiac procedures and befriending people from every walk of life along the way. Tony never met a stranger. He'd charm stressed-out doctors in the day and then bring a homeless man home for dinner in the evening. Tony lived for his next adventure and collected a smattering of hobbies -- motorcycles, toy helicopters, cooking, among them. He dabbled in so many disciplines that he developed a degree of expertise in everything from plumbing to aviation. He even bought a small plane once when his wife wasn't looking. The skills made him an intriguing conversationalist who was generous with his time, his talent and his storytelling. Also, he continued to ride a skateboard to an age that embarrassed his children. With his boisterous laugh and big heart, Tony was the focal point of nearly any room he entered. He entertained, he comforted, and he cracked jokes. He was inappropriate, goofy and completely infectious. A memorial service and reception will be held at 11 a.m. Friday at Calvary of Albuquerque, 4001 Osuna Road, NE. In lieu of flowers, donations are welcomed for the Tony Maese Memorial Fund at tonymaese.com Tony is survived by his father, Joe David Maese; sister Connie Chee and husband Ray; sister Wanda Maese; brother Sam Maese and wife Grace; son Rick and wife Erin; son Andy and wife Aileen; son Joey; daughter Christa; grandson Arie; and Cindy Maese, with whom he was married for 32 years. He also leaves behind many nieces, nephews and friends, who all promise to keep the party going late. He would've wanted it that way.

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