Obituary for CALDWELL

Published in the Albuquerque Journal on Sunday February 25, 2007

Barbara J. Caldwell September 17, 1951 - February 26, 2005 It's been two years since God took you away, and although we know you're not suffering we miss you more each day. Your husband is trying his best for your daughters and grandkids you cherished so much, to keep himself healthy and strong, and your daughters have become strong, independent women just like their mom. All of your grandchildren are getting so big, still bringing up all the things them and their Nana did. You'd be so proud of all your family and what we've become. It's because of the things you showed us and all your unconditional love. We miss and love you very much. Love your husband, daughters and grandchildren Johnny Jr., Andrea, Cyndi, Vicente, Victor, Pamela, Emmanuel, Franky Jr., Makkayla and Anthony

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