Obituary for Archuleta

Published in the Albuquerque Journal on Friday May 12, 2000

FELIPE A. ARCHULETA 4-24-26 to 5-9-2000God's FriendGod opened His arms and said He needed a friend."Come with Me, cowboy, and we'll ride like the wind." No cattle to brand, no fences to mend; just ride with Me and I'll protect you from here on in. I did not take you from friends and family. I lent you to them so they could have a memory. A husband, a father, a grandfather, you maybe were, but you're My friend now, here in heaven, not on earth. Your family and friends I still will protect. Say"goodbye", cowboy, cause we're gonna ride like the wind.In Loving Memory of FELIPE A. ARCHULETAA friend, A cowboy, you'll always be My best friend in life An everlasting memoryAlfred, Sally, Jessica, Amanda PARRA

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